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29th April/2nd May 2022

Arriving on Friday around 11.00am we found 5 vans already pitched up. After the usual disagreement about where we should pitch, we settled down into setting up. It had been a while since we were last at Dan’s Meadow and it looked like some changes and upgrading had been made. During the rest of Friday more vans arrived which totalled 17 units in all for the weekend. A really good turnout.   Friday evening over to the hall for tea/coffee/alcohol! to pay our rally fee, pick up the weekend quiz, etc etc.

Saturday was a free day for members. Clive and I went over to the Suffolk Punch (1 July Rally) to iron out some details, fortunately things have worked out fine.  Saturday evening over to the hall for Peter’s musical bingo, always a good night.  A full house was not called until 10.50, a great night.

Sunday, maypole day. As is the norm, Clive set up the maypole early afternoon, members gathered round waiting for the off. Elaine asked for the ladies first, to show everyone how it was done, Peter as always in charge of the music, off they went round and round up and down. Very sedately. Next up the kids, some had done this before but some had not. Chaos! The little ones needed a lot of help from an adult.  Next up the men, obviously wanting to do it right and treating it as a competition. The music was a little bit faster for the men but they coped very well. 

Sunday evening over to the hall for Steve H’s up and down game. So very simple, everyone can have a go. Most seemed to join in and enjoy the fun. Next up was Barry with his roll a ball game, another easy one that saw a lot of members taking part in.

Monday coffee morning, all the usual things, birthdays, arrival prize, quiz answers etc, etc.

The weather was ok, albeit a little bit breezy, no rain hooray!



29th April/2nd May 2022
Friday....we had a nice slow drive here, we followed behind Kev, Dottie and the dogs. We had an extra child this weekend (Arnie), the children were so excited driving here. As we arrived there were 16 caravans/campers already at the weekend. It was lovely to see Mick out, it must of been hard for him without Penny. As we got sorted out Dawn n Steve pulled up in their motorhome. Kev took Dawn to get fish and chips for our dinner. Arnie absolutely loves the caravan and wanted Kev to show him how everything worked, the toilet really fascinated him. 8pm and it was over to the hall for paying our dues and having a catch up with everyone. It’s so lovely seeing the children running around enjoying themselves. 10pm we took the children back to our caravan looking for wolves and dinosaurs on the way. I made the children’s bed up while Kev took the dogs out. They were so shattered it wasn’t long before they were asleep, well so I thought! When Kev came back in he could see a big hump in their bed, as he lifted the quilt up Winnie and Arnie had there IPads on watching a film, cheeky little monkeys!

Saturday .... the sun is shining the children soon got dressed and were out playing while Kev and I cooked breakfast. It took a bit of arranging sorting out the seating arrangements but as the weather was so beautiful we ate outside. Thanks Dawn for loaning us another chair! After I tided up Kev got some bread and we walked along the stream looking for fish/ducks. I do like this venue it is so beautiful. As we got back some of the children were playing football outside. I made our children a picnic and they ate it on a blanket, the weather has been so kind to us. I found some big wands of bubbles and water balloons for the children to play with. Steve H started to join in, he got the brunt of it and the children got him wet, with Winnie standing on Dawn’s chair and pouring a bottle of water all over him (with Dawn’s help). After dinner I was hoping the little ones would come in for a sleep but they had a different idea and were soon outside playing again. Kev took them through the forest (so Winnie calls it). 7pm I called them in for a wash and PJ’s on and then over to the hall for 7.45pm we were a bit early!!!!!!! 8pm Peter started his music bingo, it was lovely hearing everyone having a sing song. Thanks to Cathrine for supplying the colouring for the children. Another good evening. On the way back to our caravan the children used there imagination again looking for lots of different animals in the dark.

Sunday .... Kev and Steve went out early to a boot sale. The children didn’t wake up until after 9am. Again they were soon dressed, had cereal for breakfast and then out playing again. We had a lazy morning, I got started on cooking our roast dinner. 2 pm it was down to the maypole for our annual MAYPOLE DANCING. We did miss Bill, Rita, Pat and Derek’s Morris Dancing. Well done to everyone that joined in, I certainly enjoyed it. Monty and Winnie didn’t quite get the hang of it but I’m sure with practice they will. A big thank you to Clive and Chris for brining it for our entertainment. Back to our caravan for our roast dinner, some members went to the pub for dinner. Later this afternoon we had more fun in the woods telling scary stories. Before going over the hall the children got there PJ’s on ready for 8pm for tonight’s entertainment with Steve Dawn’s Higher/ Lower game and Barry’s Kathy’s Roll a Disc game. We had a brilliant evening so simple to arrange yet so much fun. Thank you all so much for this evening’s entertainment. Back to our caravan in the dark looking for rabbits this time.

Monday .... the children were so tired this morning they laid in until 10am. Kev done their breakfast while I put the beds away. They couldn’t wait to get outside with the other children. 11pm it was over to the hall for coffee prize giving, well done to everyone that won the quizzes ect.  Thanks to everyone that helped make our weekend so much fun! Some members went to the pub for lunch. We started to pack up, the children didn’t want to go home but it’s back to school tomorrow so they need an early night. Hope everyone had a safe journey home see you all soon.

Love Karla Kev Gracie Dottie Arnie Winnie Monty Mr Bourne n Ronnie X





15th/18th April 2022

We arrived there about 3:00pm on Thursday, there were already a lot of caravans and motorhomes there as we pulled in. Clive came over and said where we could park, so we decided at the far end. We set up and Abi  had made friends already. Evening came so it was over to the hall to pay for the weekend, and to get the quizzes and have a chat. 

Friday was a hot day so plenty of sunbathing for some. We all went for a walk around the area and then back to the hall for hot cross buns and a cup of tea. Kevin and Karla arrived early evening and Joe and Julie not long after, which made a total of 17 units. Saturday was a free day so we visited Stonham Barns as we needed milk, also for Neal and Tina. In the evening we had games which were The Cube, so looked easy until you had to have a go. Sunday was hot so lazing in the sun. Kevin had opened his roof light but somehow it had come apart, he had to fix it before the evening. The children had got some water bomb balloons and were playing with them. Then over to the hall for the Easter egg hunt and Easter bonnet competition. In the evening we had live music while the children watched a film. Monday morning came so over to the hall for prize giving and the competition results. Midday was time to say our goodbyes until the next rally. 

Love Barry and Kath


15th/18th April 2022

Thursday ... we have brought 4 of our grandchildren for Easter so had to come in two cars, I had the children and Kev towed the caravan. We had a lovely smooth drive here, the kids were great and soooo excited, it’s Montys first time away and he isn’t sure what will happen. He couldn’t understand why poppa was in his car with the caravan on the back and got upset thinking poppa was going without him. We got to our venue and was soon set up. As I opened our cupboard the door it fell off in my hand (this is a good start to the weekend), Kev wasn’t impressed with me!!!!!! I started dinner while the children played in the park. 8.30pm we went over to the hall for teas n coffee and to pay our dues. The children have been given a raw egg to cook and decorate. It’s so lovely seeing so many children running around playing and having so much fun. The Itinerary is packed with lots of fun!!!!! We hot back to our caravan as the kid’s are so excited to sleep in the BIG bed. Kev started to put the bed up for the children to find it had come apart so 11pm he was screwing it up and the children was all laughing and giggling with excitement .


Friday ..... 8.30am our peace and quiet soon stopped, one by one the children were waking up and they wanted to get out into the garden (as they called it), so I blackmailed them to hurry up and eat there breakfast, get dressed, do their teeth and then they was gone!!!! 10am I called them back to help me decorate the caravan, I had made a new Easter garland in 77 club colours. 11am lots of members rallied around the 77 club flag to go on our walk. I must say I was very proud of Winnie and Monty for doing the whole walk! The sun was shining, the views were beautiful, just what we all needed after the covid lockdown. It certainty blew the cobwebs away. We got back to camp and over to the hall for teas coffees n HOT X Buns. As the sun was so beautiful everyone went back to sit outside their caravans/motorhomes to relax and watch the children having fun in the park. 2.30pm Catherine had arranged for the children to do Arts n Craft in the hall. They beautifully decorated chicks and eggs, and thank you to Kathy for bringing over Easter cards to make. Once they finished it was back out in the sun having more fun playing with water guns. 5pm some people BBQ’d and ate outside, while others cooked in the vans. 7.30pm it’s over to the hall for “THE CUBE “ games and Roll the Bottle!!! Massive thanks to Dave and Ian Catherine and Christine for a great evening. Their games looked so easy but my god they were tricky! Well done to the children for joining in, you done much better than us adults. We certainly have some very competitive people in the club! Well done to you all. Dave W won the bottle of Gin all the money (around £18) raised was given back to the club. The evening finished and on the way back we took the children with their torches to find rabbits until we reached our lovely warm caravan.


Saturday .... another beautiful morning. The children have slept very well. They are so excited to play in the park. I let them go over while I tidied breakfast up. We are taking them to Stonham Barns this morning, it’s been years since we have been there. Kev tried to open our skylight and it came off it’s hinges (another thing that needs fixing!) so he will do it once when we get back. Stonham Barns was brilliant, lots of Little antique shops and the children loved the old sweet shop (so did Kev). We saw some amazing birds and the children went on some rides, they even got me on trampoline 😜😜😜😜 We had an ice cream then back to camp. On the way back we saw Neil, Louise and Colin having a nice walk. After lunch it was over to the hall for more crafts, this time it was decorating their boiled eggs. Most members were sitting outside their caravans soaking up the sun. When we got back to the van Winnie said nanny I’m having such fun with all my cousins and friends but I can’t keep my eyes open can I have a little sleep on your bed. 4 hours later she was still asleep! 7.30pm it was over the hall for Chris’s quiz and a film night for the children. Thank you to Chris, Ian n Catherine for this evenings entertainment. The children loved their film night, they watched the new ICE AGE and PETER RABBIT 2. I sat in with the children as I also enjoy a good film! Catherine gave the children popcorn and drinks and I gave them sweets. Kev said that Chris was a great quiz master. 10.30pm I took our grandchildren back to the van as they wanted to go to bed, again on the way looking for rabbits with there torches.


Sunday... Another beautiful morning. Kev and Bob got up early to go to a bootsale. When he got back we had a nice surprise, Ella and my mum came for a few hours. While we were saying our hellos Kev hid some small Easter eggs so they could have another egg hunt (just around our caravan), they were so excited to find them, they had chocolate eggs for breakfast!!!! 10.30am it was over to the hall for the 77 club Easter egg hunt and Easter Bonnet competition, also we had the Girl n Boy of the year. A massive well done to Lily and Harley for winning. The children made a great effort for their hats, well done to the adults who took time to make there hats even if they were recycled! It really does help when we all join in. After that had finished everyone sat outside their caravans while the children played in the park and played football. I was busy cooking our roast dinner. Kev borrowed a table n chairs from the hall as it’s so beautiful we set it up outside to eat. Later in the afternoon Gracie got the water balloons out for the children to have a water fight, it’s so lovely to watch them having fun and laughing. This weather certainly has been good for us! We said our goodbyes to mum, Ella and Nellie. Winnie said I’m not going home with you mummy i’m  staying here. 8pm it was over to the hall for tonight’s entertainment, live music by Keith. He started his singing for the children which we joined in with then it was the normal songs for the adults. The weekend has been full on so lots of tired faces. 10.30pm I took the children back to our caravan for bed time .


Monday ..... It was 9.30am before the children started to wake up. Kev started to pack a few things away and the children went over the park, while I cooked breakfast. 11am soon came so over to the hall. Lots of prizes were given out. Well done to Kathy and Barry for winning lots this weekend. Monty, Emilie, Barry and I won the Easter Bonnets and Monty and Caitlin won the decorated eggs. It’s been a fantastic weekend and the grandchildren don’t want to go home. They have asked if they can stay another couple of days, that’s worth everything seeing how much they have loved this weekend. We hope everyone had a safe journey home. We are bringing 5 of our grandchildren out next rally so looking forward to seeing many of our members out at may weekend xx


Love Kev Karla Gracie Dottie Monty Winnie Mr Bourne n Ronnie x


1st/3rd April 2022

Friday... Had a nice drive here, we left home a little later as it was Kev’s presentation at work for being there 25 years today. There’s six caravans here, thanks to Diane for Kev’s cup of tea it was much appreciated to warm him up. We soon set up and got the heating on, Kev popped out to get our dinner (the fish n chips was beautiful ). 8pm we all went over to the hall paying our dues and getting our itinerary, the hall has been decorated and looked lovely. We shared the bar area with the regulars, it was lovely seeing everyone and having a good catching up, back to our lovely HOT caravan.

Saturday ... had a much needed lay in, it was so beautiful looking outside and seeing the sun shining outside, we have waited a very long time for this. Today Kev’s taking me to Hitching to meet Abbi n Jon as they’re looking at caterers for their wedding next year and we are going to see what they can offer. The ride was so beautiful, the sun was shinning and it’s so warm, yet cold out of the sun. We had a lovely few hours at the wedding fair, we ate loads of tasters so we won’t want our steak tonight. Back to our venue, it was lovely seeing Lily n Harley playing in the park. I sat inside while Kev took the dogs out for a run, I do enjoy watching him training Ronnie. As we were still not hungry I made sandwiches to take over the hall tonight. Over to the hall at 8pm for bingo and charades. Thank you Catherine for being our bingo caller with the help of Harley, being your echo!!!! A fun evening had by all and I was pleased that I won £2. We didn’t end up doing charades as more bingo was voted on, we had a lovely evening then it was back to our warm caravan .

Sunday....another beautiful morning and another lovely lay in for me, as I won’t get one at the Easter Rally as we are taking 4 of the grandchildren. After breakfast it was over to the hall for coffee morning, thank you Diane for making teas/coffee. Clive had two heads on this morning doing chairs roll and then his own. We won the rally report and Ian and Catherine won the weekend quiz. No one hung about, we were soon set up and on our way home. It was a lovely first rally hopefully see many more out Easter, there’s lots going on so plenty of fun to be had! Wishing everyone a safe journey home x

Love Karla Kevin Mr Bourne n Ronnie x