Rally Report - Home Farm Fisheries 2nd - 4th July 2021

Thursday; As I had booked off the Friday I decided to travel up Thursday night, I arrived around 7.30pm to find Chris & Elaine + Kevin & Karla already on site, I got set up and had a couple of drinks with Kev before bed (we were sitting at a table in the field with a candle (to keep the gnats away – although Karla thought it was most romantic)


Friday; I awoke to a lovely morning (I should add that Dawne was not joining me until Saturday morning as she had a Hen Do to attend) I got all my fishing gear, and Dawne’s all set up and spent an enjoyable day fishing, during the course of the day more members turned up giving I think, 10 units in total. I cooked myself dinner and then over to the tent for a chat and to pay and get my raffle tickets.


Saturday; All us fisherman / women were up at the crack of dawn for an 8am start, Dawne arrived at around 8.15am to join in, 6 hours of furious fishing later and it became clear that 1 person had smashed the competition and I think had more fish than everyone else put together, well done Kevin, he seemed to trap all the fish at his end of the lake and slowly but surely pull them out one after another. Dawne was over the moon with 3rd spot (that big fish at the end helped), special mention to Bob who despite a few rain showers fished to the end, and was not last this time. Many thanks also to Karla for the bacon & sausage sandwiches, they keep us going.


Some of us fished on during the afternoon. Due to the showers we were unable to all eat out together but soon it was 8pm and we all meet up in the tent for a night of fun and frolics, apparently there was a football match on so we had that on in the background, we then had Kev’s bingo, which like the football was a game of 2 half’s, Kev ran out of balls and nobody had won, it turned out that his sack only contained half of the required balls, nothing above 50 had come out, once he located the missing balls we were back at it and a winner was declared, it would have been Deb but she missed the number 19. Dawne won a few games so was happy. We also had to hook numbered ducks out of a paddling pool which we all took turns in pairs at, Edna & Peter won that one, all in all a fun night, and it was nice being able to sit around with everyone after such a long time, we ended with a “name that tune” on Kev’s IPad which Dotty & Gracie had got hold of. 11pm and we were chucked out into the night.


Sunday; We awoke to heavy rain which luckily stopped around 10.30am and the sun came out, 11am and over to the tent for coffee and prize giving, we won the arrival price, hence this masterpiece of a rally report, Tina won the raffle and £20, Gracie, Dottie and Amelia had all drawn a fish and all won a prize, Edna won the “fishing” game and also got some sweeties. When we came out the tent was nearly dry so that got put away, we all packed up and said our goodbyes and started to leave.


Many thanks to Kevin & Karla for hosting a great weekend again, hope to see you all again soon. Steve & Dawne xx


Rally Report - Home Farm Fisheries 2nd - 4th July 2021

Thursday.... we are hosting this weekend, so we decided to go today. We waited for Gracie n Dottie to come home from school, (their head teacher has allowed them to have Friday off), had a lovely journey here, Elaine and  Chris were already here enjoying the sun. It didn’t take long to set up, Gracie n Dottie got our water and Kev soon got ready to do some fishing. We do love this venue, it’s so peaceful. It wasn’t long and Steve turned up , Dawn is coming on Saturday as she has a Hen night to go to. As it got dark, I took the girls in the caravan to play board games, Kev n Steve sat outside putting the world to rights having a drink .

Friday.... the sun is shining. While I cooked breakfast, Kev and the girls done some fishing. He is catching one after the other, let’s hope it like that tomorrow for the fishing competition! Kev took us into Saffron Walden to have a look around but the car park was so busy, so we went to Aldi’s. As we got back more caravans started to turn up. It was lovely seeing our friends again it’s been far to long (on went the kettle!), we had lovely catch ups. We had our dinner outside as it’s so lovely. Chris n Clive turned up and they had the tent, we all helped to put the tent up. 9pm, it was over to the  tent to pay our dues and for more catching up with everyone. 10pm, I took the girls back to our caravan their competition is to draw a fish and colour it in.

Saturday ...The sun still shining. Dawn came here early this morning in time for the fishing competition. Everyone got to their swims and at 8am they started. It’s great to see more fishing, good luck to you all! I’ve taken lots of photos, so look on the web. I cooked sausage and bacon sandwiches. It started to spit with rain but it didn’t last for long and the sun came back out. 2pm Kev blew the whistle so fishing Rods were pulled out. The fishing was brilliant , lots of BIG fish were caught. Kev won with 45 1/2 LB, Tina’s brother n sister in law came joint second with 10 1/4 each, Tina came 3rd with 7 LB, Dawn got 5LB, Steve got 4 1/4 LB, Neal got 3 1/2 LB, Joe got 3LB  and Bob got 2LB. Well done to everyone that took part, it’s much appreciated that you joined in. Some members carried on fishing, a few members had a drive out making the most of this beautiful sun. It was lovely seeing Chris and Ray pop to visit the club with there beautiful dog Ronnie. We didn’t end up all BBQing together, so after dinner Kev went over to the tent to help set up the TV for the football tonight (as it was requested from some members). We had arranged the evenings entertainment with the old fashion bingo and fishing the ducks. 8pm, everyone came over to the tent, Louisa and Colin popped in to say their goodbyes as she has to work tomorrow.  Bingo started off on the wrong foot, as a few of the bingo cards had the same numbers on so Kev had to change their cards! It was noticed that no high numbers were being called out, Kev then realized there were more balls in another bag. Once that was sorted the game carried on. Thanks to everyone for joining in and well done to all the winners. Gracie n Dottie helped to run the fishing duck games, it’s not as easy as I thought! We had to hook the ducks out the pool with a hand made fishing rod, the ducks had numbers on the bottom 1 - 20, the one with the highest number won. It was good fun. Peter took Edna’s turn, as she is finding it hard to stand now and he won for her with 30 points. Well done to ENGLAND for winning tonight. Our evening ended with a sing song as Gracie played Kev’s iPod.

Sunday.... it rained through the night, although we never heard it. Over to the tent for coffee and prize giving. Well done to all the fishermen/ladies! Peter won the weekend quiz. The children were asked to draw a fish and colour it in. Gracie, Dottie and Amelia all won as we couldn't choose a winner. Steve n Dawn won the arrive prize and Tina and Neil won the raffle. Thanks to everyone for helping to take the tent down ,and thank you to everyone that came to this rally, it was lovely to see you all! We hope you had a safe drive home and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon .

Love Karla, Kev, Gracie n Dottie


Ps Gracie n Dottie said thank you so much for there money they haven’t spent it as there saving it to spend in the six weeks holidays xxx   

77 Club caravanning holiday 28th May /4th June 2021

Friday.... we have been counting down the days for today to come, we’re so excited to be back in our caravan, looking forward to seeing our friends again. We set off from home at 10am, a little nervous as we are using Kev’s Land Rover, thankfully it towed very well. We had a little stop at lunch time, then back on the road. We arrived at Willow Holt at 2pm. Kev popped into the reception and got a warm welcome and we were shown to our pitch. Kev was over the moon to see how close we were to the lake and said he was looking forward to waking up to this view every morning. A massive thank you to Chris n Clive for choosing a beautiful site. We soon got set up and had a lovely walk around the lakes and ended up at the little Diner/Bar for a much needed larger, again the staff couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. We ordered some chips to pick up at 6pm to go with our Indian dinner. The sun is still shining, so we sat outside until dusk and watched the geese landing on the lake.

Saturday .... had a fantastic night sleep, my god i’ve missed this. The sun was shining as we opened our blinds, it was beautiful. The view from our window is just beautiful. We sat outside and ate our breakfast, then I went for a beautiful walk around the lakes. A lady was in her boat just cruising slowing on the lake , I had a chat with her (Bob S would have loved this), there’s a BIG rope hanging on a tree where you can swing in the lake, ( I’m hoping to get Kev on it). When I got back Kev was already fishing, within 10 mins he had caught a lovely Pike, I couldn’t believe the size of its teeth!!!! After Kev had finished fishing we popped out for a drive and we ended up at Horn Castle, a lovely little village. We had a walk around the lovely little shops, Kev was happy he found a tackle shop. We got back to camp and a few more members had turned up, it was so lovely seeing them after such a long time. Carolyn and Bob popped over to visit Kathy and Richard, it was lovely seeing them too. Everyone had turned up now all safe. Kev done some more fishing, while I laid back and watched the boats on the lake. It was soon time for our BBQ, the smells coming from each direction was so nice. We took the dogs out for a lovely walk after dinner, the sun is still shining. There’s a pair of swans here sitting on eggs. As we walked past the male hissed and fluffed at us, i’ve never seen Kev move so fast 😂😂😂😂 A few members popped over to the bar for a pint and a catch up, nearly time for bed let see what tomorrow brings .

Sunday ....another great night sleep! We opened the blinds to see the sun shinning. Dawn and Steve were fishing. Back in 2019, on Dawn and Steve’s Rally, they held Auction (for our Forget me not support group), Steve and  Dawn were the highest bidder for the cooked breakfast that I donated, so I asked them if they would like it this morning, I hope they enjoyed it! 11am Clive suggested a coffee morning to get us all together and to see who wanted to do some entertaining. Thanks to Barry for putting his hand up first for one of his quizzes. Kev and I are going to sort out our end of the weeks meal, as the weather is so beautiful most members sat around their vans and had a much needed catch up. A few of us had a drive out to find the boot sale, it had ended by the time we got there but it is on again tomorrow. We got back to camp, Kev done a bit more fishing then we went down to the little Diner for a drink, this weather is so amazing. I cooked roast lamb, roast potatoes and veg for dinner, others BBQ’d. I set the table up outside and after dinner Kev went back for more fishing, he still didn’t catch anything. I had a lazy evening, didn’t do much, and watched the world go by out of the window.

Monday..... Another fantastic sleep! We got up and went straight out to the boot sale, the sun is shinning again. It wasn’t massive just a nice size to walk around and we got a few little bargains. We stopped off at a factory shop, which was well worth going into as I brought lots. We were out for a few hours driving around some very pretty little villages, (can’t remember their names). We got back to camp, some members had gone out. Kev got straight back to fishing. 3pm, Barry invited us all to sit outside his caravan for a afternoon Quiz. It was so funny and caused a laugh with him trying hard to read out the questions and giving us lots of clues (Louisa’s team won). It was nice sitting round having a chat. 5pm, it was lovely smelling the BBQ starting up, the suns still shining down for us. I cooked Katsu curry on the BBQ tonight. Kev, Steve and Dawn went fishing again. Then we sat outside their caravan having a drink before bed.

Tuesday ... beautiful again this morning. It’s so hot inside the van, Kev opened the windows to get some air. The ducks and geese, with their babies, were outside our caravan. Kev got the bread out to feed them and then the swan came out of the lake, we fed him/her. Kev and Steve had a drive out to the tackle shop to buy more bait hooks etc. to try and catch a fish. Thanks Steve and Dawn for asking us out with them. We drove to ANDERBY CREEK beach but couldn’t get parked as it was heaving, so we drove onto SUTTON ON SEA. The beach was lovely, not many people were there. The dogs loved the sea and had a good swim. It was lovely sitting there watching the world go by. We ended up at ALFORD for a late lunch and the owners were so nice and friendly and the food was excellent. We got stuck in traffic going back to camp, we were only 2 mins away but it took us half hour. The fishing rods were soon in the water, Steve caught a pike, it’s such a ugly fish. Kev helped him get it off the line. It’s too cold to sit outside so everyone stayed in there caravans.

Wednesday .... sun is shining again. This weather has been brilliant, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had breakfast then had a lovely drive to Lincoln, until we got stuck in traffic. We didn’t walk up to the cathedral as Kev’s knees were playing up. While we were out the members had fun helping Clive’s look for his caravan keys only to be found in their caravan! Steve caught another pike and Kathy and Barry came to Steve's rescue as it got caught up in his net and needed to be cut free. Some members had a drive and lunch out in Skegness. Richard and Brian had a look around a old aeroplane Museum. We got back to camp, Kev done more fishing and I done more sunbathing. Kev got some water shoes so he could go in the lake for a swim, the dogs also went in with him and they loved it, and they done some training retrieving. We had massive Toma Hawk steaks for dinner tonight but they were to big for the BBQ. They were so tasty yet we couldn’t eat it all, so the dogs had a lovely feast for dinner. A little more fishing over the other side of the lake, Steve caught another pike, Kev caught 2 small roach. It’s been another lovely day and the week is going too quickly.

Thursday .....it was a little overcast this morning but the sun was behind the clouds so still warm. Our week is coming close to ending. It’s Dawn’s birthday today so Kev and I booked up the Diner on the site that ties in with our end of holiday meal. Kev had a little fish before having a drive out. We ended up in Sleaford,a nice little town. Some  went to Skegness, others went to Loathe and Bolton. We got back just after lunch, Kev done some more fishing, still not caught anything since we got here! 7pm, it was over to the bar/ Diner,  for our usual end of holiday meal and Dawn’s birthday. James got us all seated, they had laid the tables out well so we were sitting in our groups and well apart. We got everyone to pre order their food during the week, which made it a lot easier for Leanne the cook. The food was lovely and hot, we got served nice and quick. It was the first time they had ever catered for a large group and was very happy it went so well! It’s a warm evening, so we sat outside our caravan while the men fished in the dark.

Friday.... it rained through the night . Dawn, Steve and us had breakfast over the Diner this morning again, we wasn’t let down and will come back tomorrow before we go home. It was decided we would go to Boston this morning, thanks to Steve for taking us. We had a nice walk around and it started to rain a little. We got back to camp, Kev had another fish while I laid in our caravan. This has been a brilliant holiday for us, so relaxing, just what we needed. Kev caught another 4 beautiful fish, he was so pleased, it’s made up for not catching many through the week. While the men were fishing, Dawn and I drove to get a Chinese. We had to wait 40 mins for it. We ate it in our caravan, it was very nice so worth the wait. The men done more fishing in the dark.

Saturday .... a beautiful sunny morning. I’ve got mixed feelings today, I’m looking forward to going home to see our family yet I could stay here a few more days as it’s been a brilliant holiday. Kev got up early so he could do a bit more fishing before he packs it away. Brian and June had already left early this morning. Members started to take down their awnings. Kev, me, Dawn and Steve popped over to the Diner for another cooked breakfast before we packed away. Members walked around to say their good byes. It’s been a brilliant holiday, although we haven’t met up in the evenings as we couldn’t have our tent up due to Covid. Our weather has been fantastic but the evenings have been very cold. We left at 11.30am and had a good drive home. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic holiday and a special thank you to Chris and Clive for arranging it for us, you made a fantastic choice! I hope everyone got home safe, looking forward to seeing you all soon x

Love Kevin and Karla xxx Mr Bourne and Ronnie xx


Rally Report - Brokhowse Farm Weeley18th-20th June 2021


At long last, a “proper” rally!

We arrived, after a journey travelling through torrential downpours, most of the way, on Friday lunchtime to find many members already set up on site.

Fortunately, the rain subsided and we were able to set up in the dry, although the longish grass was very wet so I, amongst others, ended up with very soggy feet.

Other members arrived throughout the early afternoon and evening to make a total of 11 units on site for Friday (Dave & Christine Wesbroom arrived on Saturday to make 12 units in all).

Friday evening was damp and gloomy, and many wanted to watch the England v Scotland football match so it was decided to put off erecting the tent until Saturday morning, and we all stayed in the caravans for the evening.

Saturday morning dawned cloudy, but, hoorah!, dry.

It was all hands on deck at 10.00 to erect the tent, which, although it hadn't been used since 2019, and was last packed away wet, was, somewhat surprisingly, still in pretty good condition and wasn't at all mildewy or smelly as we had been afraid it might be.

We then all paid out dues and, apart from the committee who had a meeting later in the afternoon, the day was free to do as we pleased.

Some stayed on site, some went out, an inevitable few had a look around the nearby Homestead Leisure (at least all I bought was a new chair this time!).

Elaine had printed off a Dingbats quiz for the weekend so that kept us busy for a while.

Chris Russell hosted the first evening quiz night for two years, in the tent, which was a hard 5 round quiz with lots of laughter and (surely not) possible cheating.

It was the team with Joe & Julie, Bob & Deb that won, shame there was no prize in the end, apparently it was eaten by something furry on site according to Clive.

Well done Chris for putting on an Ad-Hoc weekend without much notice.

Sunday morning we found mostly dry with the odd bit of drizzle, so it was a quick visit to the tent for quiz results, prize giving (obviously I ended up with the arrival prize) and the usual roundup, then we all helped to take the tent down and pack it away.

Thanks to everyone for making the rally possible and may there be many more