Takeley, The Three Horseshoes have cancelled today 25th June. They are not opening on 4th July, and need more time to organise per government guidelines

Home Farm Fishing have been given the go ahead to open.

The 77 Club will be able to rally at Home Farm Fishing 24th to 26 July. Hooray! I hear you say.

However, there will be rules in place.

The tent will not be there. 1 metre distancing must still be observed and that cannot happen in the tent.

Members of two households may sit or socialise together in their own "bubble",.

Everyone else must still observe social distancing. There will be no saving spaces, if you want to be next to someone else, you must BOTH arrive together.

Tea and coffee will not be available, please make your own. We can still have an arrival prize and a raffle if members want this. Please use hand sanitisers where available. Use goves to collect water and to tip in the elsan.

Home Farm will be sectioning off their field with white tape for each unit. At the moment we are not sure how they want to operate this. Another tape will run along the lake to keep fishermen safe, away from the vans. Home Farm would also like to know how many units will attend, PLEASE MESSAGE OR EMAIL ME BY THE 15th JULY IF YOU INTEND TO GO.

The Rally officer will wear gloves and have hand sanitiser ready for the paying fees. If you prefer, you can pay the site direct. Fee will be £7.50p per night. Fishing £7.50 per day.

As of today 25th June, AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY is still on the back burner, I will be contacting Norton to ask what their position is. I will let you know as soon as I can.

Going forward, I will contact every booked venue two weeks before we are due to go.

Things are changing all the time; I am keeping abreast as best I can.

I shall be happy to answer any questions you might have, please email me.

See you on the next rally.

Chris Russell xxx