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To All Members

I am, and will try to keep you all updated regarding forthcoming rallies

Rallies from March to May are all cancelled

The Spring Bank Holiday 29th May to 5th June is scheduled to go ahead. The site is opening on 12th April. Clive and I will be going up there to firm up details and to check out any changes that may have happened during the last 12 months. I will fill you in with further details probably the last week in April.

This will only happen if COVID cases continue to decline, per the Government guidelines.

Following on from Spring Bank Holiday, if COVID appears to be under control, all rallies should be able to go ahead. I will approach each rally as it comes up and advise you accordingly.

As an aside, I am looking for a new venue for fishing. Home Farm has been good but I know some of you would like a change. I would be happy to receive information on any venue you might be aware of that could be suitable for us.

Please get in touch if you need to know anything regarding future rallies

Let's all lhope that things improve and we will be able to get some rallies in this year.

Besgt regards, stay safe and well.



The 77 Club,, was first formed in the year 1977, hence the name.
The Club consists of Young and Old members, some who have been with the club for the entire lifetime, some who are only just beginning,
If anyone has or knows of anyone who has suitable facilities for our club to hold a rally, we would welcome new venues.  Our members cover Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Lincs and Bucks so we are prepared to travel to surrounding areas. You can email us with any details.
Or better still, if anyone would like to join our club, please feel free to email for further details.

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Visitors & Guests


There will be no charge for people visiting a rally, unless they take part in the evening entertainment in a hall, when they will be charged a sum of £2.00 per person. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their visitors report to the Rally Officer or his representative on arrival and sign the Visitors' Book. It is also the member's responsibility to make sure their visitors are fully aware of the Constitution and Rally Rules.
Guests attending as part of the rally and staying overnight will be charged a sum of £2.00 per person per night (this will include entry to any entertainment).
Any persons, including member's children, attending a rally with their own unit must be full members.
Please ensure any visitors use the "visitors car park"