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                                  Current Government Guidelines for AGM’s

I have read a document where the Government suggest companies/organisations can have an AGM,  but must follow certain rules. These are as follows:-

  • There should be no more than 30 persons attending

  • Seating shall be arranged to socially distance eg, 2 meters apart.

  • Attendees may choose a seat and remain in and retain that seat for the duration of the AGM

  • Chairs shall not be moved unless as in our own 77 circumstances eg, couples together or persons in a bubble.

  • There should be no socialising during or after the AGM

  • There should be no refreshments offered

I’m hoping that those of you who are expecting an AGM can understand why we as a club cannot organise one.

We cannot have Pleshey Hall, I had spoken to them on Saturday 4th Oct, and been advised they are not using the hall for anything. This ruling applies to all halls currently.

Anyone who has been to a funeral recently will have seen these rules applied there also.

Please feel free to ask questions. You may email or call me.

Stay safe.


Chris Russell


You can download this PDF for your perusal

The 77 Club,, was first formed in the year 1977, hence the name.
The Club consists of Young and Old members, some who have been with the club for the entire lifetime, some who are only just beginning,
If anyone has or knows of anyone who has suitable facilities for our club to hold a rally, we would welcome new venues.  Our members cover Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Lincs and Bucks so we are prepared to travel to surrounding areas. You can email us with any details.
Or better still, if anyone would like to join our club, please feel free to email for further details.

Our Committee


Vice Chairman

Booking Secretary

Membership Secretary


Rally Officer

Web Master

Catering Officer

Committee Member

Sports Officer

Elaine Gristwood

Peter Eusden

Chris Russell

Steve Hannabuss

Sue Aylott

Clive Austen

Pat Lawler-Jones

Diane Parker

David Wesbroom

Ian Chittick


Visitors & Guests


There will be no charge for people visiting a rally, unless they take part in the evening entertainment in a hall, when they will be charged a sum of £2.00 per person. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their visitors report to the Rally Officer or his representative on arrival and sign the Visitors' Book. It is also the member's responsibility to make sure their visitors are fully aware of the Constitution and Rally Rules.
Guests attending as part of the rally and staying overnight will be charged a sum of £2.00 per person per night (this will include entry to any entertainment).
Any persons, including member's children, attending a rally with their own unit must be full members.
Please ensure any visitors use the "visitors car park"